Hull Blueprinting is an art form taken very seriously at Boat Customs. We are notorious for our bottom repair and hull blue printing for pleasure boating, as well as performance boats. While go-fast boat owners generally submit their rides for hull blueprinting to cure some handling ill, the process frequently results in better overall performance, including better acceleration and a bit more top end.

Basically, ‘V’ bottom hull blueprinting means to return the bottom of the hull to the shape that the manufacture originally intended. Over time, hulls can change shape or warp due to improper trailer fit and general wear. This warping often results in a ‘hook”, which is when the bottom of the boat at the transom is lower than the adjacent hull forward. This hook generates more lift at the rear of the boat, which forces the nose of the boat downward. As a result the faster the hull speed, the more the nose of the boat is forced down. Because of this tendency, the boat is prevented from getting loose and top speed is generally reduced dramatically.



When the boat arrives at our boat haven, we will look at extremity of the hook to determine what work is needed. We will complete the necessary tests at our full test facility and give you the low-down. Our team will then proceed to go through the hull with leveling tools and a grinder and take out any hooks, waves, or other imperfections that will affect your speed and any handling obscurities.

Once the hull has been repaired, it will be coated from our product specialist Forest with our Nano-coating to protect your boat against the elements for up to 2 years!

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