At first there were rafts… they rotted away!

Then came the sailing boats… they leaked!

Finally came the power boats… they were affected by the elements!

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Our sealant, containing detention, anti-detention and nano-quartz particles is applied to the surface of the object. Quartz is harder than all metals and most metal alloys.

Combine this hardness with the flexibly of nano-sized particles that fit into the most minuscule of areas and the strength of its covalent bonds; the coating forms an unparalleled protective layer!

The detention components stick to the surface of the object with the anti-detention particles moving to the outside enclosing the nano-quartz particles in the middle resulting in a coating that is more than double the strength and durability of traditional coatings such as “Powder Coat”, “Epoxy” or “Polyurethane” resulting in a longer life for your boat!

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Why these amazing places use the same sealant as we provide our boats!

Anti algae effect 


Easy to clean

UV – weather-resistant

Anti corrosive

Anti scratch improved by 50%

Anti static

Anti acids and salts

Excellent high gloss effect

Hydrophobic water-repellent

Loving the Environment



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Our sealant has ZERO VOC’s and no known carcinogens

making your coated boat and the water a perfect match.



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