The Riva – (ON SALE – $75’000)

The boat was a 3 year total restoration project that we undertook as a weekend hobby! The original Rudy was Riva’s first transition to Fiberglas boats , but was not done in away that Carlo Riva wanted in as much as he still wanted to build it  per the original first designs showed. He seemed to want to keep much more wood than ended up on the production boat , but due to cost restraints and the push in the 70’s to change over to all fiberglass it ended up a very boring looking boat for a Riva!

So when we undertook the restoration I decided to put a great deal of the wooden look back into it to give the boat a more traditional Riva look.
Very few parts actually came with the boat, which allowed us to customize it exactly as we envisioned and a great deal of world wide searching for the original parts was involved. All of the hard ware chrome parts now on the boat are original Riva although we re-chromed each part. We stripped the deck and floor and replaced all wooden parts with Mahogany including keel and engine stringers. All wood panels were made with either teak mahogany marine ply or veneer In fact, 98% of the equipment on this boat is brand new.

A brand new aluminum 4 wheel trailer with Mag wheels and pin striping was custom built to cater for the boat. The trailer was taken apart sanded etch primed and painted then oven baked. It has mahogany bunks, side fenders and running boards all with 15 coats of epoxy clear.

The boat now has incredible acceleration and a 45 mph top speed at only 11 gph WOT with a 35 mph cruise at just 6 gph yet has been in fresh water for just 3 hours total running time since it’s completion in 2008. The boat was built in a way that it would stand up to the elements for 25 years!

This project was driven by our love for the Riva series and the most motivating factor was creating a boat that Carlo Riva would be proud of. Judge for yourself… we know he would be proud!

See the Riva at our test site


The Wider 42′

The whole concept of the WIDER 42′ was that of Mark and Tilli Antonelli two of the top experts in the world of yachts and was developed with the belief of making the previously impossible possible. The aims were to create a yacht which entwined pleasure with performance and one of the main areas this was achieved was through the shape of the hull, produced according to the stepped hull, typically found on racing yachts. This was accomplished by creating an air cushion between the surface of the sea and the hull, the yacht rises up slightly, maintaining a highly dynamic sailing trim.

The stepped hull, whilst it is still rather unusual in pleasure boating has managed to provide comfort, safety and performance maintained across the sleek stylish exterior of the boat. It is by no chance that the design of the Wider 42’ hull was entrusted to Mark Wilson, one of the top experts in the field of racing yachts, who previously designed offshore racing hulls used in the World Offshore Championships with which his son won the World Title three times, once in class P2 and twice in class P1.

The excellent weight/power ratio of the Wider 42’ enables her to reach a top speed of 50 knots and a cruise speed of 40 whilst registering consumption of just 110 lt./h for the two 480hp Cummins engines. The result is a range of over 350 miles at 40 knots, previously unthinkable for a yacht of this kind.