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Most of the top racers in any class, send their propellers to us to be tuned.

Propeller work has been our main business since Wilson Custom Marine was founded. Mark Wilson is world renowned for being the best propeller man in the industry. He began working on his own race propellers at a very early age, whilst travelling with his father Jack Wilson during the race boat calender. He then moved from the UK to Switzerland as he was asked to head the performance department at Rolla Propellers. At this time Rolla was the leading race propeller manufacturer, and Mark built propellers for 90% of the Class one race teams, winning every national, European and world title through the ’90’s. Having his expertise and knowledge, makes Wilson Custom Marine the only place to come and have your propellers tuned.



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Prop Repairs


Propellers are very much underestimated when it comes to setting up your boat. Your propellers do not come from the factory perfect for your boat. It takes hours of tweaking and tuning to make sure they run their best given the set up of your lowers. Whatever the reason for bringing your props to us, it is essential for the good performance of any motorboat that your propeller is in good shape and of the proper size. By allowing us to check, customize and test the condition of your propeller, you can reduce fuel consumption and the wearing-out of transmissions, shafts and sterndrives.

Many propellers arrive at our doorstep damaged; we take it upon ourselves to ensure that we repair and re-condition your propellers to a state that looks beyond factory perfect. Depending on what condition the props arrive in, we will straighten the blade geometry, weld if necessary, grind and finish your props through polish before balancing them so that your Props are in a condition that you thought were never possible.


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Prop Modifications





The good performance of almost any powerboat depends to a large extent on the performance of its propellers. Even the slightest of modifications on blade geometry can have very important effects on the overall performance of your vessel.

All of us here at Wilson Custom Marine are looking to customize your prop to help you achieve everything you are attempting to obtain. We achieve this by looking at numerous factors, whether we need to change the pitch or progression to obtain exact top end, or whether rake angles can be modified to obtain higher bow lift. We look at whether leading edges can be customized for better hole shots as well as taking into account blade sharpening to help with an increase in rpms and higher top end mph.

Whatever mods we make to your blades we ensure that all blades are matched exactly in pitch, progression, and rake angles and that all blades are highly polished after they are balanced to perfection. But hold the phone, we don’t stop there! After every job we proudly deliver, we will coat your propellers in our state of the art nano-quartz sealant that guarantees protection for your props for 2 years.



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